Paul Bishop

10. Dead Island
Dead Island combined enough zombie game elements to become one of the best action games of the year. Constantly hunted and looking for loot, Dead Island created an awesome atmosphere from beach to jungle to prison the game delivers its fair share of great scare moments. With a great item enhancement system and leveling tree this game needs to be experienced by any zombie aficionado. READ MORE

To die-hard FPS fanatics, id software is a name everyone can agree upon helped revolutionize the genre through such games as Doom and Quake. Now, after a short hiatus, they are back with Rage, a game that attempts to up the ante again in an extremely competitive arena. With all the media surrounding the company and the game itself, only one question remains: does it live up to all the hype? READ MORE

One of the defining factors of the Call of Juarez series has been its placement in the Old West, as you blast bad guys and root for the McCall clan. Can the series benefit by updating the game to modern day California and Mexico? It all comes down to cooperative play. READ MORE

Atlus games don’t offer your average experience. Whether they are challenging morality in the Shin Megami Tensei series, challenging your sanity in Demon’s Souls or going for plain quirky in 3D Dot Game Heroes, Atlus games never fail to push boundaries for games and gamers alike. With Catherine, Atlus ups the ante and risk by creating an adult themed horror/puzzle game that relies heavily on story and challenging puzzles.  READ MORE

Using spatial relations to literally twist a simple puzzle game upside-down, Puzzle Dimension is the newest head-scratcher available for download on PSN. Playing as a golden ball, you are required to navigate floating platforms to collect flowers needed to open an exit portal. Limited to only rolling or jumping one square at a time, you learn quickly that a single misstep will mean a dive into the void, necessitating starting over from the beginning. READ MORE