A fond farewell to a good friend

May 5, 2004

It is days like these that I wish I could curl up under a rock or rewind time in a Prince of Persia fashion. Last night a gentleman knocked at my door; A conversation ensued and when it was all said and done I discovered that my wonderful cat Riku had been hit by a car right in front of my house. The guy had enough respect to stop and let me know what happened and for that I am grateful.

The arrival of my son had relegated our animals to the back seat as a priority, but we still love them very much. They were our “first children” for the first year of our marriage and it hurts to lose one of them.

Riku had just turned a year old and his growth had been stunted due to being fixed at 2 months old. Riku was loving and the most friendly cat I have ever seen. He will be missed.

You may be wondering why you are reading this on the front page of a gaming news site and I will tell you why. This website is not just about gaming. Gaming is the common interest that we all share, but this is a community. The people behind this website are not faceless writers in a pool of people trying to make a living. We are real people and we want that to be clear. We want you to feel like you know our tastes and personalities. We try to let the things that make us unique as people shine through in all that we do on this site. That is why you are reading this. As one member of the Snackbar Games family in a time of deep sorrow to the rest I let you know what I am going through. I hope you guys can use the forums in the same manner. You can see a few pictures of Riku “The Reeter” here. I will put some more up a little later tonight for anyone that cares.