A Fond Farewell

June 13, 2005

As you can tell I am back from vacation. It was a much needed rest and I feel rejuvenated and ready to carry on. Before things get back into full swing there is something I have to mention though. Life is a lot like the games we all love. In order to sucessfully navigate life you have to pass a series of trials and tribulations. One of the distinct differences is that life lacks a hintbook to aid us on our way. One such trial has arosen in my life, but the future is bright. Over the weekend my grandfather, James Rasco, lost his battle with cancer.

This may seem like a tragic event and while it is sad, my grandfather was a great man who opened his home to others. Leaving this earth relieved him of the great amounts of physical pain he was in. We will be travelling up for his funeral today so tomorrow will mark a return to the norm for us here at Snackbar Games.