A merger of sorts

December 20, 2005

There has been something major in the works here at Snackbar Games this week and it is only fitting that I give you a little heads up about it. I have been a long time friend of Mr. Wayne Phinney over at [url=http://www.discreaderror.com]DRE[/url]. I have been helping Wayne out with DRE for several years now. This week we came to an agreement by where we are going to merge the 2 communities. Being the larger site we will be bringing over their staff and content. This is a huge event for both of us as we should be in a much better position to continue to grow in 2006.

As such, you are going to see a lot of new and very active people in the forums. You will also see a lot of new writers on the site. We just want to welcome them aboard.

The transition will probably take a few weeks so expect some changes here and there.