A Tragic Tale of Gamesaves

June 5, 2007

Gamesaves are an important thing to many gamers. After all, it’s the singular piece of evidence that you logged 267 hours on Game X and managed to completely unlock every little secret, including the ones that nobody knew about. In essence, the gamesave is like a report card that you show off to fellow gamers. They are important, and even more so if you haven’t complete said game.

As the average age of gamers rises, the likelihood of one being a parent also rises. I personally have 2 wonderful children. My oldest is now 3 and loves gaming. He’s just kind of in that spot where he can play just about anything by himself, but navigating menu structures can be a bit confusing, although sometimes I swear he can read. On many games he knows how to load up his profile and game and get playing all on his own. An ideal situation right? The tragedy of this tale comes in the form of that same confidence going horribly awry on a recent gaming day.

You see, he loves Ratchet & Clank. He calls it “Ratchet Cat Game”, which is altogether disgustingly cute. I also happen to love R&C. So much in fact that to this day I am working to max out and purchase every single weapon, even the sucky ones nobody used, in all of the R&C games. On this particular day, my son decided he was going to play R&C. I think it was Up Your Arsenal, but I can’t be for certain. The R&C menus give him a hard enough time, as most of his gaming time is done on the Wii or the 360. This time, my wife was telling him to wait so she could load the game. This of course results in a frenzied rush to attempt to load the game without mom’s help. The end result was none other than a complete erasure or my precious game save.


Like any good parent would do, I said it was ok, but we all know deep down inside I’m hurting here. I think we all know that tiny little gamesave represented days if not weeks of my life spent trudging along for digital accomplishments.

With no real way to prevent this incident from repeating, I find myself in a precarious situation of danger. I keep telling myself, “They are just gamesaves”, but are they?

Have you lost an “important” gamesave? If so, I’d like to hear your tales of horror in the forums so I can move past the grieving stage of my own loss.