Activision’s E3 Lineup

May 8, 2006

Another “what will this company have at the E3?” thread, this time with Activision’s games.

[b]Spider-Man 3[/b]- (Next-gen systems, coming summer 2007). – Based on the third Spiderman movie coming in the summer of 2007.
[b]Call of Duty 3[/b]- (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Xbox, PS2, coming fall 2006). – The followup to one of the most popular World War II FPS games, coming not only for next-gen machines (including the Wii), but the Xbox and PS2.
[b]Marvel: Ultimate Alliance[/b] (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Xbox, PSP, GBA – coming 2006 fall). – An action RPG, similar to the popular X-Men Legends games, starring Marvel’s most popular heroes.
[b]Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam[/b]- (Wii, NDS, GBA, coming 2006 fall) – A Tony Hawk game, exclusive to Nintendo’s system. A reason to this may be is because the Wii and the DS could use unique capabilities, exlusive to those systems, such as the touch pad and the Wii’s controller.
[b]Tony Hawk’s Project 8[/b]- (PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PSP – coming 2006) – Another member of the popular Tony Hawk franchise, most likely different than the Nintendo exclusive Downhill Jam.
[b]Over the Hedge[/b]- (PS2, Xbox, GC, GBA, NDS – coming May 2006) – The game based on the animated movie coming soon.
[b]X-Men 3: The Official Game[/b]- (Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, GC, NDS, GBA – coming May 2006) – Game based on the third installment to the X-men movies, coming later in May.
[b]World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions[/b]- (Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, coming 2006) – Another Poker, most likely not too different than it’s predecessors.
[b]Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/b]- (PC, TBA 2006) – An FPS looking to be one of the best this year, set in the future. Keep your eyes on this one.
[b]The Movies: Stunts & Effects[/b]- (PC, coming summer 2006) – Expansion to the Sims like game, where you make your own movies.