Adventures in Retail part 2

November 15, 2004

Like I expected, we went over to Gamerush this weekend and Philip took care of my Jak 3 injustice. He also adamantly apologized for the lack of willingness to help out the customers, in this case me. So all is well and I spent some time with Jak 3 and it is basically a clone of Jak 2 set in the wasteland. I won’t say anymore or I would be ruining possible plot points.

I also played some Mario Power Tennis, more Paper Mario 2, and Dots was kind enough to let me play a little bit of her Ratchet and Clank 3 game. I must say that it is a busy and wonderful time right now. It is not very often that I am overwhelmed by all the great games that I have to play. The release of Jak 3 and R&C3 do mark the end of an era for those franchises as they are the final games in the series. I can’t help but to be sad and hope Insomniac and Naughty Dog bring out some new characters that I can follow through 3 awesome games.

We are also drawing a new winner for the Viewtiful Joe prize pack since Angel has yet to contact us. Sorry Angel, mix in checking your email or this front page.

Our prize closet is dwindling, but I have a few things to give away but I want to take a short break and get caught up with everything else we have already given away and with a few administrative changes (new writers, new editors, etc).