Adventures in Retail

November 11, 2004

Those of you that know me personally know I have an over-abundance of patience. I can let things roll of my back with the best of them. Regulars of the site also know that we jock the EB Games store run by Wraith any chance we get. I want to share a story with you that is a shining example of why that is.

I just had lunch with Dots and since I preordered Jak III at Gamerush due to a sweet promotion I figured I would go pick it up. Ship date was Tuesday so they should have it right? I walk in there and tell the clerk that I have it preordered and tell him my last name. He tells me “Well the games haven’t really been prepped”. I look over at the Gamerush counter to see tons of boxes presumably filled with games. I ask “But you guys have it right?” He says “Yes sir”. I reply “But you won’t give it to me?” He says “Nope, try back tomorrow”.

I have shopped at this Rush not very long but the Manager is really cool and generally takes care of the crew. Since when is it so hard to walk over and open the box and give me the game? There was an older couple in the store browsing movies and that was it. Nobody else in there. Since when did it become so difficult to do your job and please the customer? Wraith’s employees don’t find it that difficult and often go out of their way to help customers. Lesson learned I guess. Back to shopping exclusively at EB with Wraith.