November 4, 2004

I just wanted to mention of few of the people that make running Snackbar Games much easier. The first people I want to thank are the guys at [url=]NumbThumb Games[/url]. Without them I wouldn’t get to play half the games that I do since I would never be willing to purchase some of these games. They are an online game rental service just like GameFly only they are based in Austin so anyone in Texas will get much better turnaround time on games instead of going with a company on the east or west coast.

I have to thank EB Huebner who has been instrumental in our success. Our humble beginnings were passing out flyers there and we have blossomed into a pretty massive community. Thanks Wraith and crew.

Not many of you remember his help, but Tito who writes Wrath of Tito was a long time Snackbar reader and also wrote a few things for us. He helped us gain a lot of exposure by linking to us in his weekly wrestling column.

I really want to thank Nintendo for continually hooking us up with stuff. That has really been a big help and should help to build the Gamecube and GBA portions of our review section.

We also have our constant banners being rotated on the forums as well as on the main pages of the site. The newest game we are doing ads for is [url=]Otogi 2[/url]. If you didn’t catch the first Otogi then I suggest you go find a copy. It was a really fun game and man was it impressive looking. I haven’t gotten to sit down with Otogi 2 yet, but I will very soon.

Of course we also have Paladin who hooks us up with hosting. Thanks guys.