Agetec Brings Cookie & Cream To DS

June 29, 2007

The PlayStation 2’s library is rife with under appreciated titles, or worse yet those that go largely unknown. One of these is 2001’s The Adventures of Cookie & Cream, a slightly off-color adventure game starring a pair of mischievous bunnies on their way home from the annual moon festival. What made the game so interesting was its emphasis on cooperation, as players worked together to complete levels as they avoided traps and solved puzzles.

Now Agetec is at it again with Cookie & Cream, a newly shipped title for the Nintendo DS. According to Agetec, the game builds upon the charm of the original by takeing advantage of the handheld’s touch screen, resulting in a game “that’s more fun than the original,”at least according to Agetec’s production and marketing VP Mark Johnson.

Playable either alone as one person controls both characters, or as a cooperative game where one person maneuvers Cookie on the top screen while the other is in charge of Cream on the touch screen, Cookie & Cream sounds like a refreshing addition to the DS library. The game also offers nine different minigames, as well as a four player battle minigame.

Let’s hope it does not slip below the radar like its predecessor.