Atari Brings All Things Horsey To Wii

July 18, 2007

Atari has partnered with the Federation Equestre Internationale FEI (International Equestrian Federation) to release My Horse and Me, a “realistic and immersive” horseback riding and equestrian simulation, this fall for the Wii.

The game is being developed by W!Games, which is also making a version for the PC. The game marks the studio’s freshman effort, an arguably unconventional way to hit the ground running. Mistic ( Totally Spies 2: Undercover) is handling the game’s DS duties.

According to Atari, the game will feature “extensive customization,” a first and third-person mode, and “the most accurate horse models and animations yet realized in a video game,” an area of game design I can honestly say is probably largely unexplored.

My Horse and Me will also include a variety of modes and minigames, as well as a globetrotting (har, a pun!) tournament including both indoor and outdoor locations “from rustic stables and classical riding schools to world-class tournament locations.”