Atlus to Publish Etrian Odyssey

September 1, 2006

It’s been a veritable flood of info from Atlus this week. They just informed us that they acquired the North American publishing rights for Etrian Odyssey. Etrian odyssey is another DS title headed for a Q1 release in 2007. The Etrian Odyssey website is not yet live, but here is an exceprt about the game from the press release:

[quote]In a vast and fertile land lies a small town known as Etria, a peaceful village that became famous for a startling discovery. A crack in the vast forest opened at Etria’s edge, leading downward like a gaping maw. It all began there…

Those who hear rumors of the labyrinth of Etria, whether young or old, begin to harbor dreams of exploring it.[/quote]

I don’t know much about the game, but the guys behind it were involved with Trauma Center, Shin Megami Tensi: Devil Summoner, and Actraiser so expect it to be pretty solid.