AT&T U-Verse coming to Xbox 360

October 11, 2010

Remember when Microsoft announced that their IPTV initiative, one that would allow you to use your Xbox 360 as a DVR and watch live TV streaming through it? Well, four years later, that service will finally be released this Friday, October 15th.

Unfortunately for Xbox 360 owners, it isn’t as cool a feature as it seemed like it would be way back when. Now with Netflix streaming through the 360 and Hulu Plus coming early next year, the very limited release of this feature, only available through AT&T U-Verse service, is somewhat of a let down.

That’s right, in order to take advantage of this ability, you have to be an AT&T U-verse subscriber. While in theory this would be a nice addition to your U-verse services, it doesn’t even really let you save on a TV box, as it still requires you to have another one in your house. So, it will save you money each month on an additional receiver, with one more caveat. You have to purchase a $99 Xbox kit, contents unknown, but definitely not an Xbox, and then pay $55 to have a technician install it on your Xbox 360.