Attack on Pearl Harbor Picks Up Steam

August 21, 2007

CDV announced today that Attack on Pearl Harbor, their newest arcade style aerial combat game, was now available on Steam. Attack on Pearl Harbor is priced at $24.95, but CDV is offering an additional 10% off through August 27th taking the price down to $22.45.

Attack on Pearl Harbor allows you to relive the Pacific Theater dogfights of World War II as Japanese and American pilots duke it out. The game features arcade style gameplay, richly detailed graphics, and realistic radio chatter. To keep you playing, there are 4 campaigns packed with missions that have you fighting off waves of enemy aircraft as well as performing bombing runs on enemy ships and land targets. Notable battles aside from the initial attack on Oahu include the Battle of Midway, Iwo Jima, and the Liberation of Manila.

In addition to single player campaigns, 12 player multiplayer is also available on a LAN or over the internet.

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