ATTENTION: Open position at Snackbar

March 9, 2006

With the continued success of Snackbar Games, and its little sister Movie Thunder, our Editor in Chief (Lactose) has found himself in a tough predicament. While his expertise and love for entertainment have kept him going, there’s just too much work for one man between the two sites, especially considering that he is volunteering his time. Due to this, he is cutting back and just doing editing work for his baby.

So, with that being said, Movie Thunder is well taken care of, but we are lacking an editor for Snackbar. We are looking for someone to be a full time editor here at Snackbar for all of our written pieces. We want serious inquiries only!


*You must at least be a high school graduate, but any college education is preferred.
*You must have the free time to dedicate yourself to Snackbar and its writers. Being an editor can become a time consuming task on occasion. We need to be sure you can handle that.
*You must provide us with three piece of your own written work. It doesn’t matter if they are school essays, pieces for another website, or what have you. We just need proof of your writing abilities, and naturally, that will show what kind of experience you have.
*You need to tell us why you will be a valuable asset to the Snackbar Community
*Lastly, if chosen, you will be giving access to our writing forum (after you are registered of course), you will be our [b]Editor in Chief[/b] and you will be answering directly to me.

If you have any interest in becoming the Editor in Chief for Snackbar Games, please email me with your pieces. I will look over them and share them with out staff. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate all who apply, and we look forward to inviting a new member to our staff. 🙂