Battlefield Ho Chi Minh Style!!

March 16, 2004

One thing that I have not been hearing alot of here at Snackbar is the release of the most anticipated, BF Vietnam. Now being a huge fan of the BF 1942 series, there was no way that I would forget about this new BF series. Set in Vietnam, you battle none other than Charlie himself. With all new graphics, weapons, and vehicles this game should be awesome. Vietnam shipped yesterday to retailers around the country, and should be sold in stores tommorrow. Also out in stores this week, is Namco’s Breakdown. An all new aspect in fighting, driving, and shooting all in the FPS perspective.

In other news, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow is due out next week, along with the much talked about Counter Strike: Condition Zero. If you live in the San Antonio area make sure you stop by EB Games Huebner Oaks to reserve your copy or buy a copy of a new release. If you don’t live in the SA area, then make sure you stop by your nearest EB Games. And don’t forget to tell them that the crew at Snackbar sent ya.