Bethesda: Wii Version Of Oblivion Impossible

March 20, 2007

While there have been some rumors of a possible Wii version of Bethesda’s popular fourth entry of the [i]Elder Scrolls[/i] role-playing series, [i]Oblivion[/i], Pete Hines, the developer’s marketing vice president, has commented that such a port is “not possible.”

However, given that the folks at Bethesda like the Wii, the company has not ruled out the possibility of bringing a new game to the Wii in the future. “It’s a great console and many of us at Bethesda have one but I know that bringing Oblivion over is not possible – we’d have to do a whole new game,” commented Hines in a [url=] interview[/url].

It does comes off as rather strange that these guys feel so adamantly that it is impossible to bring the game in some form to the Wii, especially given that a PSP version is in the works, and [i]Oblivion[/i] was also released for cell phones.