Blizzard clamping down?

January 28, 2004

In a recent thread on, which is being hammered right now due to WoW Beta Signups, Blizzard made it clear that they would be banning users for engaging in a practice called “griefing”. “Griefing” is the process of intentionally causing your team to lose in a team game and apparently Blizzard feels it goes against the spirit of fair play. The solution? Ban the offending player. The cases will be dealt with on as they occur and if it is determined that the user did in fact engage in “griefing”, then the users account and access to ladder games will be subject to removal.

I don’t play much of anything on anymore, but I find it strange that Blizzard would be banning users based on something that could be argued is as subjective as the motive behind a loss. What if I just suck really really bad and it gives the appearance that I am “griefing” and my teammates feel I am an unworthy addition to and I am banned. What now? I trust Blizzard, but it seems like a very grey area to me.