Blue Dragon Headed to North America

June 28, 2007

When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 over in Japan they knew they needed a regionally appealing title to move systems. While sales of the Japanese RPG were ok, they were nothing to write home about. What Microsoft didn’t anticipate was the interest that it would generate back home in North America.

After what seems like an eternity, Microsoft is finally bringing Blue Dragon to North America. Microsoft announced this morning that Blue Dragon would be released throughout North America on August 28th with the standard next gen price of $59.99. Some of the features that Microsoft is touting include realistic environments, anime-styled characters, and unique battles bound together by a deep compelling storyline.

For European gamers wondering when they can expect to get their Dragon on… you are in luck as the EU release of Blue Dragon is 4 days before the US release on August 24th. Don’t get too excited though, it’s going to cost you A