Bold Statment.

December 10, 2004

Making blanket statements is not a good practice. I do it usually with jest, though sometimes its warranted. But straight from the managers mouth, Game Rush seems to not like you. I suggest not ever stepping into one of their stores. The powers that be at Game Rush would like to mend things but it seems management would not like to happen. Instead, choosing to rub salt on a wound, well we tried something new (going to the Rush) and it that wont be happening again. Spread the word if you can.

I apologize to the good people that represent Game Rush, I am sure you have good intentions and that our experiences do not reflect the whole, but as a customer, and a community, The Rush wont be getting a recommendation. Sorry mates.

Also note, I would hate anything to come out of this, we have a forum to have a voice that can be heard, this is one of those times where a wrong has happened and something is done about it.