Busy Weekend

December 13, 2004

It was a busy weekend for Dots and I. Friday night we hit up the Riverwalk and did some touristy things and then came home and played Mario Party 6 as well as some Knights 2. Saturday night we visited my cousin in Austin and saw the tree in Zilker Park. Sunday morning I played about 3.5 hours of X-men Legends and I am kicking myself for not starting that game sooner because it rules quite a bit.

To top our weekend off last night was the birtday celebration for our very own The Wraith. Happy Birthday man, hope last night was as fun for you as it was for us.

So while things were highly busy I got in quite a bit of solid gaming time, which has become harder and harder to do as our son becomes more and more mobile.

At any rate, only about 2 hours left if you want to enter the NFSU2 contest. I will post the winner this afternoon.