Buy a Frosty, Win a Wii

May 21, 2007

Last week we told you about the strange package that arrived from Nintendo with a fake Frosty inside. The enclosed paper said more info would be available today, and like clockwork an email just dropped from Nintendo’s PR firm.

It would appear that Wendy’s is launching a new Frosty, the Vanilla Frosty Float. As part of this launch, Wendy’s is giving away 800 Wii video game systems. Each Vanilla Frosty Float cup comes with a special code that you enter at to win Wii prizes. Prizes include one of 800 Wii systems, 800 Wii games, or 800 Wii points cards. It’s pretty simple, keep throwing back those VFFs until you win a Wii or die from sugar shock.

To round out the full promotional aspect I figured I’d throw out that the VFF can be made with Coca-Cola, Barq’s Root Beer, or any other sode. The 20oz frosty beverage will set you back $1.99, which rocks if you happen to win a Wii.

So there you have it, get to Wendy’s post haste.