Buying PS3s with no games?

November 14, 2006

That is apparently the trend in Japan for the launch of the PS3. While the system was wildly successful, big surprise there, the games/software for this $600 device haven’t been. With 80,400 consoles sold in 2 days, only 78,792 games were sold via retailers. Obviously this doesn’t factor in online sales that I am aware of, but that puts the ratio of games to consoles at less than one meaning a whole lot of people didn’t buy any games at all. Assume that at least some people bought 2+ games and you have a lot of PS3 floating around that have no software with them.

I guess a $600 Blu Ray player really is a hit. Either that or lots of people wanted to use the PS3 to surf the web and watch movies. Hopefully for Sony that ratio improves for the North American launch later this week.