December 10, 2003

Ok Folks…Pretzel here just to give you gamers a little bit of break from the real world. You know there are some things in life that are a huge mystery to me. One mystery that boggles my mind, is the lack of chick gamers in this world. I have only met two girls in the flesh that are true gamers. One, is Cone’s wife Dots and the other is Janice a girl we hired at EB Games. Now before I met Dots and Janice I thought that chick gamers would not be HOT at all. After pondering for quite some time on this epidemic of lacking HOT GAMER CHICKS, a bulb was lit. My television tube to be exact. And the most beautiful of all GAMER CHICKS IN THE WORLD appeared. X Play’s very own Morgan Webb. On behalf of Snackbar Games I want to give Morgan Webb THE HOT GAMER CHICK of THE MILLENIUM AWARD!! Morgan Webb is truly the most BEAUTIFUL GAMER PRINCESS of all time. In my eyes anyway. If you want to know who Morgan Webb is just click here.