Child’s Play 2004

October 15, 2004

If you were a reader of Snackbar Games last year during the holiday season then you probably remember me mentioning the charity toy drive that Penny Arcade launched for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. They raised over $250,000 in cash and toys for the hospital in just a few weeks. This year they have added 4 more hospitals to the list:
[*]Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC
[*]Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX
[*]San Diego Children’s Hospital in California
[*]Children’s Hospital Oakland

If you are interested in helping out by donating toys or money then please check out the Child’s Play website at [url=][/url]. There are plenty of toys in the $5 range and they also accept cash and even just a few dollars help.

There will probably be tons of updates on the official site as the donations start rolling in.