Codemasters Announces Heatseeker For Wii

March 1, 2007

Publisher Codemasters has announced Heatseeker, a new arcade style aerial combat game for the Wii in development by IRGurus Interactive (Heroes of the Pacific). According to Codemasters, Heatseeker will feature two different control methods using the Wii remote and nunchuck, offering “fine-tuned control” for mid-air heroics.

“It’s vital that your plane reacts instantly to your control inputs,” commented the game’s senior producer Andrew Wensley. “Even a hundredth of a second delay can prove fatal in air to air combat, and although we’ve provided the perfect control system, only the player can provide the nerves of steel necessary for victory.”

“Heatseeker for the Wii is a big step forward for action gamers,” states Ben Palmer, executive producer for Heatseeker developer IR Gurus. “We’ve taken the superior processing power of the Wii and have used it to raise the bar even higher for Heatseeker’s distinctive and already spectacular gameplay and visual style.”