Community Feedback

June 12, 2006

Hello everyone! In preparation for our next podcast, we want to get your opinion on our next topic that we will be discussing. We want to get your feedback on the matter. Remember you can send us an 10-20 second soundbyte, you can email us at [email protected], or you can reply in the forums. Any of those methods of response would be greatly appreciated.

On our next podcast, our topic will be (Rewarding Gamers) – ranks, medals, and unlocks are a staple of most games. Is this type of content compelling enough to make a gamer continue to play a game even after they may have accomplished the main goal?

We will also be taking a poll on the matter. The link will be below.


Just a reminder that we will always be taking the (What Are You Playing Now) soundbytes at all times. Remember if you do want to send us soundbytes, please keep them short (30 secs to a minute) and clean. And you can send them to us at [email protected]