Company of Heroes to get second expansion in ’09

November 5, 2008

THQ announced yesterday that a second expansion pack for the popular World War 2 strategy series Company of Heroes is in development by Relic Entertainment. The new entry is named Tales of Valour, and will be arriving for the PC in Spring of 2009. The game will feature new campaigns, maps, units and multiplayer modes. It also boasts a new “direct-fire” feature that will increase the player’s level of tactical control.

While the Second World War has become a staple of first person shooters, Company of Heroes managed to make the setting look fresh again with its fast-paced tactical combat. The first expansion Opposing Fronts built effectively on the original, and answered many criticisms by including an entire campaign set from the perspective of the German Panzer Elite division during Operation Market Garden. Perhaps the next expansion will explore the Russian front or the East African campaign? We’ll find out this Spring.

Check out the full press release here.