Cone’s Thoughts on Fable

September 15, 2004

Our site was having minor issues this morning and they seem to be resolved now so let me get right into it. To even begin to think that a game could live up to 4+ years of hype and discussion would be ludicrous, but in all honesty I am very happy with Fable. I mentioned my concerns that I had been swept up into the hurricane of hype despite my best efforts to repel the situation. I am glad to report that this was not the situation and that Fable is in fact living up to my expectations.

I know that more often than not gamers are let down because of the expectations they have set for a game. I also know that there for every person out there that has a copy of Fable there are probably a handfull that either couldn’t afford it or were very cautious about pre-ordering. If either of those people is you then stay tuned because I have a fresh unopened copy of Fable that was purchased by our very own Wraith. We are going to be giving this away on the site in the next couple days. I am not sure what you will have to do to win it, but I will let you know just as soon as I figure it out. Pardon me, I have some work to do so this day goes by very fast so I can get home and play some more Fable.