Contest Updates

September 27, 2004

Just a reminder that all entries in the Fable Hero contest have to be received by midnight tomorrow CST. On Wednesday we are going to be launching 2 new contests. The first one will be for a second copy of Fable 2 and it will be a pickup line contest. That contest is all up to The Wraith. The second contest will be for a copy of Pikmin 2. I will explain both in better detail on Wednesday.

Another idea that Dots recently came up for that we could run on a regular interval is the ‘What would you do?’ Contest. We will pick a game and give you guys a few days to submit the most wacky things you would be willing to do for the game. We will pick the craziest idea and when that person submits proof of their actions, then the game is theirs. Failure to provide proof would mean we pick another entry. The luxury of this is that we can reuse it over and over again and everyone has an equal shot at the game.

The idea was spawned from someone at the eToychest/Technicae [url=]forums[/url] that asked me what he could do to win a copy of Pikmin 2. I told him that if he wore a flower on his head to work for the day and sent me pictures that he could have it. Needless to say, [url=]he did it and we have proof[/url].

From time to time we will even let the winner pick the game. All in all it should make for some hilarious pictures and I look forward to it. That is all that is going on in the way of contests for the next week or so. We do have a few more games to give away after that, but I will let you know when that time draws near.