Countdown to Oblivion

January 7, 2006

I just hope they can get the bugs worked out. Oblivion is expected to be available in March. That’s only two months!!! My only concern is this

[quote]load times were painfully slow and slowdown during combat was a major issue[/quote]

Now, the first time I played Morrowind I was not very happy because of loading issues. Apparently the PC version was a bit buggy, and even though I was well over minimum [b]recommended[/b] specs, it just didn’t run well at all. I’m hoping Oblivion is not plagued with the same problems, because I really want to like this game. Something like that though… forget it. I can’t put up with games having bugs that actually affect the gameplay. A quirky graphical bug is alright, but slowdown issues and the like? No way. There’s too many good bug-free games out there that I could spend time with.

But like I said, I really hope these minor problems get sorted out. I’d rather they push Oblivion back again than bring it out before fixing the problems.

Besides, it’s not like everyone that wants a 360 has one anyhow. You have to sacrifice a virgin or two before you can even find one at a local retailer. I say, delay away! Unlike the majority of people out there, I love delays. It shows me that the developer cares more about the quality of the game instead of pushing a buggy game out the door to bring in some quick cash.

Here’s to hoping Oblivion is everything I think it will be.

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