Crackdown Demo: My First Impression

February 9, 2007

When I first heard that they were packing in Halo 3 Beta keys with Crackdown, I figured it was a marketing ploy to use the Halo 3 Beta to sell copies of a crappy game. Then I heard it was a 3rd person open envirnoment game along the same lines of the GTA games which I never got into.

You can imagine my delight when I gave the demo a chance last night and it turned out to be absolutely awesome. The gameplay seems to be exactly like the GTA games, which almost makes me want to go back and give them another shot. The part that snared me was the whole character power ups and hidden orb collection. I am truly a sucker for the “collect 100,000 of these for a special prize” type of games, even when the special prize is “Congratulations, you are the sucker that wasted 3000 hours collecting these stupid little orbs! Here, have a cookie!”

So my first impression of the game is a highly favorable one and while the demo will take a while to download, it’s over 1GB in size, it’s worth the wait.