Crave To Bring Crayola Game To DS

March 15, 2007

Earlier this week Crave [url=]announced plans[/url] to bring a port of the PSP’s Dave Mirra BMX Challenge to the Wii, and today the publisher added to its support for Nintendo platforms, this time by announcing a somewhat strange Crayola crayon-themed project for the Nintendo DS.

Details are still sketchy on the upcoming handheld adventure game, other than it is the result of a partnership between Crave and Crayola, and will involve “a colorful romp to find hidden treasure.” Players will use a treasure map and crayons to complete quests and complete mini-games to find hidden treasure.

“Crayola crayons are an integral part of American childhood,” said Mark Burke, senior vice president of product planning and business development for Crave Entertainment. “We’re honored to be partnering with a company that has been synonymous with childhood creativity for more than a century to bring a classic piece of American culture to an entirely new medium.