Dave Mirra Title Announced for Wii

March 13, 2007

Today, Crave Entertainment [url=http://www.cravegames.com/News/DMBMXC_Wii_announcement.asp]announced[/url] that it would be bringing the bike-tricking Dave Mirra series to Nintendo’s own Wii console. Titled [i]Dave Mirra BMX Challenge[/i], the game will provide an “arcade-like feel,” and feature 12 environments and 13 bikes to choose from. And, of course, the game is said to utilize the unique Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller.

Unfortunately, any Dave Mirra fans out there will be disappointed to hear that [i]BMX Challenge[/i] will not be an original title to the Wii. In fact, the game is already available on the PSP, which ranked in at a meager 40 percent average at [url=http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/932559.asp?q=Dave%20Mirra]GameRankings[/url]. Set your expectations to low.

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge is set to release sometime in June 2007 for $29.99.