Day 1 Weiner!!

September 2, 2004

Good Morning to all you faithful Snackbarians out there!! This is Day 2 of The Midweek Pretzel Rules Snackbar Giveaway. But before I begin on the next giveaway, allow me to announce the weiner. Congratulations to Underscore for answering correctly. Crog your still the man!! The answer to my question was Morgan Webb!! She is most definitely the raddest chick in gaming!!

I want to make two announcements in regards to the giveaway. We are extending the giveaway until Monday of next week. On Monday we will be giving away an EB gift card valued at $49.99, courtesy of Pickle. We here at SB love all of you dearly. We would love to give all of you games everyday. Unfortunately, we can’t, so in order for everyone to have a fair chance at the nice gifts. Recent winners will not be eligible to win until next months contest and giveaways.

Todays gift will be The Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest. The challenge for today will be:

Please name each Snackbar Crew’s #1 gaming rig of choice. First person to submit and guess right wins. Remember there are 4 of us, so pick one rig for each SB Crew member. Good Luck!!

SB Crew:
Dots, Pretz, Pickle, Cone

Rigs of choice:
Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, or PC.