Day of Gold!!

September 14, 2004

What up peeps!! Pretz here to give you a quick update on the following games that have gone gold. The new RTS Rome: Total War went gold, Pickle has been talking about this game since the demo was released. A new chapter in the Def Jam series, Fight for New York went gold today for you fighting gurus. And for you golf fans, Tiger Woods ’05 was added on the list of going gold. In shipping news, games that were shipped today, Shellshock Nam ’67 and Gungrave: Overdose. Expect those two titles to be in stores tomorrow.

Me personally, I am anticipating the release of Star Wars: Battlefront. To be quite honest, this game has been haunting my dreams since I heard about it. I am huge fan of the Battlefield series, and I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars since I was born. About this time next week, you can catch me online playing as an Imperial stormtrooper or a Republic jet trooper. This has been on top of my list since day one along with Halo 2, so I will keep you posted on the details.