Do the Japanese like Dragon Quest IX?

December 28, 2006

Famitsu held a poll regarding the DS exclusive Dragon Quest IX (which also features real time combat) to get a little feedback from readers and retailers alike. The questions they asked were the following:

[b]Are you happy that Dragon Quest IX will be coming to the DS?[/b]

Yes – 40.3% (47.5%)
No – 46% (20%)
Neither – 5.2% (22.5%)
Don’t know – 8.5% (10%)

[b]Are you happy of the changes made in combat?[/b]

Yes – 19.4% (15%)
No – 53.9% (40%)
Neither – 6.8% (12.5%)
Don’t know – 19.9% (32.4%)

[i]The numbers in parentheses are the percentages of retailers.[/i]

Seeing these numbers, could and will Square-Enix change anything? After all, Japan is their biggest market for Dragon Quest, and if it fails there it who knows how it will do in North America or Europe.

Though the Japanese don’t sound all that excited now, I certainly won’t be surprised if people will be murdering each other in line to get their copy of the game on launch day…

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