March 8, 2004

I do take a guilty pleasure in hearing people rant about Ninja Gaiden. I didn’t flinch when I heard about the game back in the day, as I knew exactly what you would all get. I guess it’s appealing, I mean it does look great. I know a few people that have already traded it in, a few of them citing, “This is total bullshit, what the fuck is a ninja doing fighting against some robot dude with lasers?” That’s a good question, why not ask Team Ninja. A game can do whatever it wants; it can toss a ninja in space for all I care IF it can make it vibe right. Ninja Gaiden, for me at least, doesn’t vibe right.

The “game” month continues and each week brings new releases and hordes of people to the game stores. JAXINIXA on our forums suckered me into getting Pokemon for the cube, I know make your jokes I am totally secure with myself.

Holy hell, Maximus from our forums and I hooked up for some mural wall art in his pad. I went over and he was complaining how plain it looked. I shot back with a little typographic idea I had and he was all over it. The next few days I was designing on my computer till we started the project. The out put was unbelievable I am very proud of the work. Mad props to Maximus for doing the enlargement math as I really struggle in that area, together we DOMINATED! Check our forums for the pictures.

Love it when Pretz comes into town, we love ya bro!