Donkey Konga and Bloodrayne 2 Impressions

October 14, 2004

Let me first start with Donkey Konga this morning since it has been out about 2 weeks now. Dots and I were probably the biggest skeptics around about making the DK franchise into a rhythm based game with a custom bongo drum controller. It just sounded like the franchise was going to get raped and die. Rest assured that we spent no less than about 3 hours pounding away on our drums in an effort to become masters of the drum. Needless to say, it is awesome. I won’t say anything else or I will be stealing Dots’ thunder.

On to Bloodrayne 2… I am struggling to find words that define the awesome factor of this game. The first one had a lot of good things going for it, but a subpar game engine really hampered the enjoyment you could have with that game. The sequel is sporting a completely reworked engine and some parts have a very Prince of Persia feel to them. If you even remotely liked the first one then I am here to tell you that BloodRayne 2 is where it is at. Again I don’t want to steal my own thunder but you can chop off limbs. I think I kicked a guy last night and his hands, forearms, thighs, and torso all went flying in different directions. Did I mention this game has more blood and gore in it than any other game I have ever played in my life?