Dueling Badges: Microsoft’s E3 Passport

July 2, 2007

With E3 just a week away, God help me, Microsoft sent over the official badge that I assume I and everyone else planning on attending their press conference next week will have to have dangling around our collective necks. This year’s badge is, in my humble opinion, not quite a “cool” as last year’s plastic/metal concoction, as seen in the image below.

I imagine Tuesday will be a bit busy, though less so than the next two days, with me arriving in the early afternoon, as I bask in the social awkwardness of the IGJA’s Not An E3 party before moving on to what I fully expect to be another of Microsoft’s annual greenlit iridescent multimedia throw downs.

Look for a full report up on Gamasutra following the event, and rumblings from me over here on some the wackier things that I see and drink.