E3: Nintendo

June 15, 2010

Nintendo started off their press conference with a bang today, showing off a new trailer for the new Zelda game, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Following this they showed off some live gameplay of it. Sword and shield movement should be 1:1 thanks to the Motion+. There are also new gameplay elements which will no doubt be used in a variety of puzzles, including a whip. No definite release date announced, but Nintendo said it will be coming out next year, not this year.



Reggie Fils-Aims comes out to announce some new sports games for the Wii, NBA Jam, exclusively for the Wii, followed by a trailer for Mario Sports Mix which includes volleyball, hockey, dodgeball, and basketball. Coming in 2011.



Next is a trailer for Wii Party, the spiritual successor to Mario Party.



Then Just Dance 2 is shown off, followed by Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, which is scheduled to come out this holiday season.



As soon as the applause for Golden Sun died down, Nintendo announced a remake of the classic GoldenEye, exclusively for the Wii, was coming out this holiday season.



As the exclusives rollcall continues, Warren Specter came out to show off Epic Mickey, an action game that shows an entirely new take on the worlds of Disney.



Then it’s time for a return to consoles for Kirby, in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, coming this fall.



Then Nintendo pulls out the big guns- Dragon Quest IX, for the DS, followed by Metroid: Other M, due out August 31.



Next, Nintendo surprises everyone by announcing a new side-scrolling Donkey Kong game, made by Retro Studios, Donkey Kong Country Returns, due this holiday season.



After this huge lineup of exclusive games, Nintendo finally unveils the 3DS-no glasses required. Following this is an announcement of a new Kid Icarus game for the 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising.



Following this Iwata shows a partial list of games being worked on for the 3DS: Nintendogs+Cats, Ridge Racer, Saints Row, Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, and perhaps biggest of all, Metal Gear Solid.