E3 trailers Round 5

May 11, 2006

[url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/prey_e3trailer.avi]Prey[/url] (PC, X360)- FPS with Doom 3 enginge

[url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/excitetruck_e3_gameplay.mpg]Excite Truck[/url] (Wii)- Racing with you driving with the Wii controller, commentated by Reggie.

[url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/theclub_e3.avi]The Club[/url] (PS3, Xbox 360) -Third Person Shooter, pretty brutal.

[url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/psu_e3.mov]Phantasy Star Univere[/url] (multi)- Follow up to the popular MMO that was launched at the Dreamcast.

[url=http://www.576.hu/downloads/quake_wars_enemy_territory_trailer.wmv]Enemy Territory: Quake Wars[/url]. Looking to be an excellent online based FPS.