EA announces Boom Blox Bash Party

January 29, 2009

Electronic Arts will give Wii players another chance to throw balls and knock down blocks in a sequel to last year’s Boom Blox, a press release announced today.

Boom Blox Bash Party will be released this spring. The game will focus more on multiplayer options and offer more than 400 new levels, including some that take place in space and underwater. Bash Party will bring new block types and shapes like cylinders and wedges, new tools like a paintball gun and slingshot and will allow players to interact directly with the Boom Blox characters by stacking or throwing them.

Players will be able to create their own levels again. This time, though, creations can be uploaded to a central storage server where other players can download and play them, similar to LittleBigPlanet.

A contributor to the first game, Steven Spielberg will also be involved in the sequel, the press release says.

Since its release in May 2008, Boom Blox has sold almost 750,000 copies worldwide, according to VGChartz. Though well-reviewed, game industry analysts consider the game to have underperformed.