EA Confirms MySims For Wii, DS

February 26, 2007

Electronic Arts has taken the lid off of MySims, a new game in The Sims franchise developed for the Wii and Nintendo DS. In MySims, players begin by creating their own toy-like sim that reflects their personal style and attitudes, including accessories and hairstyles – new styles of sims can be unlocked through playing.

MySims moves the player to a delightful but disorganized town where they can re-shape everything and make it their own. The town is rundown, but the player can make it much more dynamic. Using a selection of building blocks, patterns and tools, players can design furniture and appliances, architect new homes and businesses, and re-define the the game’s landscape.

As players explore and build up the town, they will get to know other residents such as Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall and hotel bellhop Buddy. Once things start to look up, they’ll meet and choose from a variety of other residents, and will be able to decide on what to build, and for whom. Examples offered by EA including being able to build a restaurant for Gino Delicioso the Italian Chef, or helping Ocean Breeze set up his Yoga studio.

For a better idea of the game’s style, check out its [url=http://www.mysims.com/]official website[/url]. MySims is expected to launch this fall, though it is unknown if both versions will launch simultaneously, or if this game will finally bring the much anticipated Wii/DS interoperability and connectivity that has, until now, remained purely speculation.