EA opening sports area in PlayStation Home

January 9, 2009

Sony announced EA as a partner in its Home virtual space at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday. Now, EA has revealed how that partnership will begin.

The EA Sports Complex will be devoted to EA Sports titles and let Home users play exclusive multiplayer games like poker, remote control car racing and a driving range. Visitors will be able to see trailers and other videos from EA Sports games. EA also plans to make the complex compatible with its Sports World social networking website so that Home users can show off saved gameplay videos in the virtual space. Currently in development, the complex is scheduled for launch in spring.

A short teaser trailer is available on the official PlayStation blog.

PlayStation Home is still in beta testing. At the Sony CES presentation, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai said Home has been downloaded 3.4 million times and $1 million in virtual goods have been sold through it.