EA Sports Games Getting New ‘Simplified Controls’

July 5, 2007

Electronic Arts announced that its upcoming sports titles for the Wii, including Madden NFL 08, NBA Live 08, and FIFA 08, will feature a new mode of play designed to make playing the games even more accessible to non-gamers.

The “simplified control system”, dubbed ‘EA Sports Family Play,’ was designed so that family members can play against other more experienced players using the games’ normal controls “without a competitive disadvantage.” While using this mode of play, players will use just the Wii remote, instead of the normal tandem of remote and nunchuck.

With the Wii remote, players control key actions, such as shooting, passing, snapping, and throwing, while the console controls the rest. Think of it as training wheels to help novice players along until they are ready to gradually begin to using the more advanced controls afforded by the nunchuk.