Epic: ‘Gears of War For PC Will Not Require Vista’

March 7, 2007

While today, the third day of the 2007 Game Developer’s Conference, was filled with presentations with epic speeches and personalities, perhaps few stood out as much as Mark Rein and Epic Game’s demonstration of the ever popular Unreal Engine III and its associated projects. While the team demonstrated Unreal Tournament III for the PlayStation 3 (“It hasn’t come very far since we last showed it because we were working on that little game for the Xbox 360”), one of the stand out quotes from the event came following the Q&A session when everyone was exchanging business cards and talking to Rein is a more casual sense.

When asked about the possibility of bringing Gears of War to the PC, Rein laughed, but then offered matter of factly that that bringing the third person shooter to the PC would not pose much of a problem for Epic. He even went so far as to say that it will “probably eventually happen,” adding “and I can guarantee that it will not require Vista.”