Epic is Insane

November 11, 2008

Mike Capps hates the secondary video game market. He also hates video game rentals. Unless you bought his game new at retail you don’t really deserve to fight the final boss without throwing down $20 for the DLC. Unlock key DLC is bad enough (Namco, I’m looking squarely at you and my copy of Beautiful Katamari), but $20 unlock key DLC is ridiculous.

Granted, two times as many people played Gears of War than bought it at retail (I know I got mine second hand), but this potential solution is more likely to just keep people from playing (and potentially buying real DLC) at all instead of convincing them to pick up your game from Target or Best Buy. People buy used because not every game out there is worth $60, not because they’re looking to screw over your development house.

Please don’t do this Mike. If nothing else it will guarantee that I never buy another game developed by your studio.