EQ heading to DVD?

January 23, 2004

I spoke with a friend this morning who spends a lot of time playing EQ. He mentioned to me that Sony does occasional in-game surveys and they survey from yesterday was:

What type of Media would you prefer EQ2 to be delivered on?

  1. 2 DVDs
  2. 8-12 CDs

If that is any hint, then it is apparent that Sony is trying to move technology along in regards to media. You have to wonder what kind of improvements are going to be contained in EQ2 that will require it to take up 12 whole CDs. I don’t spend much time gaming on the PC, but I can’t think of one time where I got a game that was more than maybe 2-3 CDs max. Maybe things have changed and moving to DVD only makes sense as games get more graphically impressive and have environments that are incredibly vast. What kind of logistics nightmare would Sony run into by releasing EQ only on DVD? How many of its users are still lacking a DVD Rom in their computer? I am sure we will hear more about this as EQ2 gets closer to release.