ESRB Looking For Full-Time Game Reviewers

February 20, 2007

As you no doubt recall, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and its practices have come under fire from legislators, most recently from Senator Sam Brownback and his ‘Truth in Video Game Rating Act’, which if passed would call for the ESRB to have full access to a game before rating it rather than just video excerpts prepared by the publisher.

In addition, this and earlier bills have also called for the ratings body to play through a game in its entirety prior to rating it, obviously a cause of concern for particularly difficult or lengthy titles.

Now, however, it seems as if the ESRB is not waiting for these or similar bills to pass. According to a job posting on [url=]GamerDad[/url], the ESRB is looking for full-time reviewers to join its staff in order to spend their days playing through these games.

According to the posting, “parents and those with video game playing abilities are preferred, though these are not requirements.” I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this in the weeks and months ahead.